Reliable Biometric Access Control System

Reliable Biometric Access Control System

Simplify the method of access control by removing the need for key cards or key fobs. Using new technologies, biometric access control devices verify fingerprints and also conduct face recognition or iris scans. These are the security solutions that are now widely accessible for installations of all sizes and requirements and are inexpensive.

When a one-to-one comparison is made from the device database by the access control system, it authenticates whether the person has access to the door where the search was made. To allow a person access to all restricted areas in the building (or several buildings) or to only one space, you can control clearance levels. We offer swift biometric access control system installation services.

Biometric Access Control System

Biometric Reader & Fingerprint Access Control

Dolphin Lock and Security Systems can allow you to monitor traffic movement, from entries and exits to perimeter control systems and entry to restricted areas within a house. The biometric access control systems are modular enough that you can expand your company and grow your system with you, and are also customizable to integrate with the current security system.

Each device is special to the premises where it is built. With and customer, Dolphin Lock and Security Systems works closely to install an entry security system customized to their particular needs, including regular gate control or full turnstile systems, suitable for office receptions. We have hotel, school and office systems planned and built. We are providing enticing leasing financing, as with all our security solutions.


Highest Level of Biometric Access & Fingerprint Access

You may employ two-factor authentication using the best biometrics for the most sensitive access control schemes. Before providing entry, this involves checking all fingerprints and the iris of the individual. The device can also be reconfigured to allow one of the two biometrics, so that, depending on the current conditions, you can increase or decrease security (such as requiring both biometrics when terrorism threat levels are increased).

Contact the qualified access control experts at Dolphin Lock and Security Systems today if you need time biometric access control systems at your commercial or government Facial Recognition Access Control Specialists facility. Along with current maintenance programs to effectively eradicate downtime, we deliver new solutions to modern security risks. To get started today, dial (305) 554-9196!

Fast Fingerprint Access Control System

The most effective and easy way to allow people enter the premises safely, monitor access to business offices and refuse entrance to unwelcome visitors is electronic access control. We design, supply and install electronic finger access control systems, from intercom systems to biometric access card readers and locks, that protect your site and enable employees and visitors to move freely.

We will develop a cost-effective approach to suit your individual needs, whatever biometric door access system criteria you face. All our devices are made by leading suppliers and are developed and implemented in accordance with the provisions of insurers, the Disability Discrimination Act and the restrictions of local authorities. The following entry options are provided by our electronic access control systems:

  • Numeric key codes
  • Facial recognition
  • Proximity cards
  • Fobs
  • Fingerprints
  • Vehicle number plates

Modern Biometric Card Reader Systems

In a multiple occupancy house, modern electronic access control systems can be especially effective. They allow individuals to communicate from the intercom at the front door to the correct department and monitor access to various parts of the same house. These systems will also include a roll call and guest file, with the inclusion of apps, at any time that can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet.

From single-leaf doors to wide and complex commercial and industrial sites with numerous doors and barriers, we build fingerprint access system for all. Installing biometric access control systems and combining them with other systems, Dolphin Lock and Security Systems has several years of experience. Of most access control labels, we are certified and licensed installers.

Quick Biometric Entry System

Dolphin Lock and Security Systems are specialists in the implementation of the modern fingerprint door access system technology, including market-leading systems, and we are certified biometric access control systems installers. Via multi-entry role-based site access control systems connected to a central monitoring station at large hospitals, hotels and industrial sites, we have collaborated for all customer sizes and on all kinds of jobs, implementing and retaining single control point solutions.

For organizations across various continents, we also have connected gate access control systems that feed back to a central control position. Using quick ‘magicard’ printers, with the device connected to the webcam and instant card printing, cards will also have photo IDs to speed up security clearance for new starters.

Mechanism of Biometric Access Control System

Although the theory is clear and fingerprint door access control mechanisms have been around for some time, the software has not stood still. For several years, we have been at the forefront of access control technologies, and Dolphin Lock and Security Systems are more powerful and adaptable than ever before.

It is normal to connect them to a PC-based device when fitting out premises with multiple controlled gates or doors. The card issuance system is connected to a staff database through intuitive and sophisticated tools. This enables security personnel to issue fobs or keys, connect them to staff and other records, and identify access levels that are customized or role-based. To allow effective and efficient access control management, time and attendance packages may be applied to the simple framework.

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