Face Recognition Door Lock

Dolphin Lock and Security Systems provides residential and commercial consumers with elevated face recognition door lock. Your home or company will benefit from extra security and decreased chances of break-ins with face recognition lock. Strong materials, cylinders, and complex keyways are used by high security trailer door locks for additional strength and design features that avoid unauthorized entry. In general, they are more costly than conventional locks, but for the extra security they provide, they are well worth the cost.

We work with leading security industry manufacturers such as: Medeco, Schlage, Schlage primus, Mul T Bolt, Kaba, Assa Abloy and more. You can be confident that your property will be safe and protected after working with us with premium high lock from these industry-leading brands and our professional installation and services.

Face Recognition Lock

Face Recognition Lock Front Door Services

With a range of lock systems, Dolphin Lock and Security Systems have experience. Our face recognition lock service includes lock sales, system installations for locking, and updates or repairs. To suit any commercial residential or automotive lock and face recognition lock  system specifications, we carry the highest quality lock brands. Let us help you decide which locks can provide your property with the highest security.

The security level of a lock is determined by its ability to resist tampering, which decreases attempts at break-in. Heavy structures, and keyway resistance to instruments or inappropriate keys, are characteristics found in high security commercial door locks. Such heavy-duty locks are typically fitted with magnetic locking solutions with auto locking mechanisms. We also offer multi lock car installation with high security locks service.

Extra Security With High Security Door Lock

The extra security negates conventional locks’ shortcomings and weaknesses-you can be sure that locks can’t be chosen, and high security keys can’t be copied! Forced entry is more complicated. Cylinders and keyways that are almost difficult to select are used by high security locks. The complexity of the pins means that embedding and using a foreign instrument to select the high door lock is difficult. To do this, keys have pins on both the inside and outside.

The materials used ensure the long-lasting reliability of your high-security lock and make it impossible to push or use a drill to jam open the lock. It is difficult to replicate proprietary keys. One of the most profound characteristics of high end door locks is that it is not possible to replicate the keys. This is advantageous because it gives you full power and peace of mind. Getting the key copied, preventing stealing and copying, and keeping employees from making duplicates is illegal for any unauthorized person. The duplicate can only be produced by the original locksmith or lock factory, and identification is required to do so.

High Security Padlock Installation

Dolphin Lock and Security Systems specializes in high security lock installation, the best it can be for both residential and commercial customers who want to know their home or company. We also provide repair services and can substitute new high security locks (grade 1,2) from the finest brands on the market for your good quality padlocks. We offer high security residential door locks from Mul T Lock, Medeco, Assa Abloy, Schlage and more for high security.

There is a built-in protection feature of high security locks: the keys cannot be easily duplicated, and can only be cut and replaced by skilled locksmiths. If you have concerns about lock or high security door knob, or would like to schedule an installation consultation, please contact us. Access control is the primary feature of security systems, and the lock type and brand selection are also the root of every great system.

High Security Deadbolt Services

In best high security padlock, a patented key control system is located, ensuring that the keys can only be duplicated by an approved dealer. Dolphin Lock and Security Systems have been certified to match and test the keys in case you need copies. Choose from a range of high security hasp, such as deadbolts, cylinders, or high security combination padlock.

Dolphin Lock and Security Systems will help you select the right high security cam lock, whether you need extra security for home entryways, sensitive or important protected protection, or industrial, institutional or government access. We keep every interaction to the highest level with every client. We are immensely proud of our consistent organization and the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We all have the same specifications, so you can rest assured that Dolphin Lock and Security Systems provide you with the quality of security system work that will leave you feeling secure in your home and company.

Heavy Duty Padlocks Installation

Our clients are our number one priority, so we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality locksmith service and security systems and high security cylinder lock and with 100% service satisfaction offered at reasonable rates in well-mannered, fair, and customized facilities.

To provide professional workmanship, our locksmith technicians are highly trained in security systems installation and maintenance. Continuous training in top-quality security systems provides them with knowledge of new products and technology for security and locksmiths. For prompt reaction to emergency needs anywhere at any moment, all security technicians are supplied with their own communication device.

For a quick 24 hour locksmith service or a free security assessment of your home/office, contact us. We’ll be able to provide you with a tip and a detailed quote right after a short conversation. To help you enter your property and deal with all forms of locking problems, our service is accessible 24 hours around the clock. We will send a locksmith to your door step within 20 minutes in the event of a lockout situation.