Events Leading To Home Lock Change

Everyone wants to maximize his security. You can’t neglect locks, whether it’s a house, office, store, or other places. Lock replacing is an essential process. Are you curious to know how to change the locks in your home? Read the full article. Here are many things to be focused on when we think about changing door locks.

Before moving on the procedure, let’s discuss when you will have to pay attention to lock changing:

  • Lost Your Keys
  • To Upgrade Security
  • Worn Out or Damaged Lock

Change House Locks

Lost Your Keys

It is an alarming situation. If you have misplaced your keys, there is no option other than changing the lock. Your security is at risk. Before calling a lockout locksmith, relax! Try to find your keys, but if you fail, don’t compromise on safety. No matter if you have a spare key or not. It is not a wise thing to neglect.

Anyone can pick up your keys and can misuse them for any purpose. When you click that, you have lost them completely. Immediately change the door lock.

To Upgrade Security

It is best to focus on commercial places. Call any local locksmith if you are running an office and are not satisfied with the security system. Moreover, lock systems are being advanced day by day. Go for the latest for the sake of your safety.

Worn Out or Damaged Locks

Another reason for changing locks is their lousy condition. The lock’s working mechanism can be broken or cause trouble. Change them before any emergency happen. You can change them on your own. So, if you are having trouble opening it or jamming every other day, be careful.

Change House Locks

Changing House Locks

We hope you are well aware of the situation that you have to take a step to change the lock. Now here is a complete guide about the tools you will need at the time to change the lock. To call an emergency locksmith is a good idea. But, if you want to do it by yourself, read below.

It can be very hectic to complete the process without any guidance. So, better read some guidelines. It will help you in preparation beforehand. Stop searching “how to change locks” and read carefully. Here are a few things you should consider before changing the locks on your house:

  • Select Lock Type
  • Measurements
  • New Locks
  • Screwdriver & Other Tools

Select Lock Type

You have to select the lock before starting the process. You can take professional help if you are confused. It is vital to choose before doing everything. Because when you are aware of the result, you will select appropriate tools. So, be mindful of all the possibilities of replacing the lock.

A good way is to conduct a complete research on all types of locks. It will help you in upgrading security.


It is advisable to take all necessary measurements for efficient lock changes. You will require measuring tape for this purpose. This tape is available at any local store. If you don’t have it at home, buy it. It will help you for many other purposes too. So, after having the appropriate measurements, you are ready to go for a further step.

Taking a reading is essential because some advanced deadbolts are not adjustable. For better and less time-consuming steps, note all the essential information.

Buy New Locks

The next step is to buy a new pair of locks. You can find it in any good store.

Screwdriver & Other Tools

By looking at your existing gear, determine if you’ll need a flathead or a Phillips’s head. Depending on the screws in your new lock kit, you may need both types of screwdrivers.

Change House Locks

Guidelines For Changing the Locks on Your House

Here are some primary steps to replacing the lock:

  • Unfasten the Previous
  • Insert New Deadbolt
  • Fasten the New Lock
  • Check it Thoroughly

Unfasten the Previous

It is a simple task. Remove the screws, as well as the turn plate from the inner side of the lock. After that, you will be able to look through the hole. Open your door to see the side of the safety. Loosen those nuts as well. After that, remove all traces of the door’s lock hardware.

Insert New Deadbolt

Install your new lock hardware in place of the old one. Over one side of most deadbolts, you’ll see the word “up” to assist you in figuring out where to put it. Use the fasteners included in each deadbolt installation kit to secure the gear. You may take more time to do this as compared to locksmith hours.

Fasten the New Lock

The latching and rotating parts of the latching mechanism will fit into slots in the deadbolt. Install the components in the proper locations and attach them with both the screws to include in your lock installation kit.

Check it Thoroughly

You will have to check its proper functioning after installation. To do so, make sure it unlocks and releases with the key and the internal turner.

When to Call a Professional?

Painting and repairing are two DIY projects you may tackle, even if you’re a complete novice. But it’s preferable to be cautious than sorry when it comes to your house and family security.

While replacing your locks will save you money, it is more crucial to have solid protection. Sometimes even after reading or watching videos, we can’t do it perfectly. Be aware of all the possibilities.

Call a local locksmith if it’s totally out of your hand and you are helpless at any point. Professionals will provide you with efficient services for:

  • Locks Rekey
  • Lock Replacement
  • Lock Out Services
  • Master Key System

Installation of Master Key System

You may opt to install a master key system in your home, a lock system that allows one key to unlock all doors. While you can install these types of complex lock mechanisms of your own, a professional has already been educated to do so. You can find any affordable locksmith in your area.