What is a Biometric Device?

biometric device is an automated identification system connected to a security lock system. A biometric device makes the process of locking and unlocking doors and gates very easy, and you don’t have to go through tons of keys, or you don’t have to remember codes for different doors to access the lock and enter the room or office. The first automated identification system was used in Paris, France, in the 1800s. And from that time onwards, they have only made the system more secure and easy to use.

Why should you use a Biometric System?

People were trying to find more secure security systems to use than traditional locks from the beginning of time. Because first of all, standard locks are effortless to break in, and they are effortless to break.

Biometric Device

Secondly, you will have to carry different keys for all of the locks in a faculty, which is a challenging task. If you are in a hurry or want to open a lock, you will have to go through all the keys to open it, and even if you have labeled the keys, you will have to find the right key. This is not a problem with the biometric device system. The device will take a high-resolution picture of the finger when registering a new fingerprint. It will convert the code into binary code using an encryption layer, and when even that person needs to access a room, he needs to place his/her finger on the scanner. The fingerprint scanners will take a new picture of the finger and then compare it with the old one, and if the fingerprint matches, the person will have access to the room. Otherwise, the door will not open and display a warning that the access is denied. And finally, the traditional locks can have multiple keys, and someone can steal the keys, or you can lose them, but that’s not the case with a biometric identification system. You cannot lose your finger, or someone cannot steal it, so it is overall more secure.

Uses of a Biometric Reader

A lot of offices and schools are using fingerprint systems in Miami. They are used in multiple fields of life, like in schools. The system can be attached to an attendance system, and you can use it as a biometric attendance machine. In this way, the problem of attendance and keeping records of students becomes very easy. It can be used in offices for attendance purposes or more classified or secure rooms, you can give more people access to one room, and fewer people to another like in one room is a manager’s office then you can provide access to only those people who are in direct relation to the manger and it this way the Customized Biometric Access can be minimized or maximized.

Types of Biometric Device Systems

The best part of a biometric device system is that you have options on which type of biometric system you want. If you are in a school or office, you can use the standard fingerprint scanners. On the other hand, if you are in a hospital, you will prefer to use a device that you don’t have to touch due to hygiene reasons. You don’t have to write attendance in a tele book or something in the biometric attendance system. Just place your finger on the scanner. It opens the door for you automatically and masks your attendance as well. The best part about our company is that we work with all of the biometric device systems. We have trained professionals who are experts in their types of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems. We can help you to install a new system from scratch or replace or reset a specific machine.

There are some of the biometric devices mentioned below

  1. Biometric Fingerprint Scanners System Biometric Hand Scanner
  2. Biometric Iris scanners

Fingerprint Scanners systems in Miami

fingerprint biometric system is the most common among all biometric systems. In a fingerprint system, as the name explains, a finger or a thumb is used. The finger is placed on the scanner, which takes very high quality and zoomed picture of the fingerprint. As two fingerprints are not the same, so it is an Efficient Biometric System to use. They are easy to use, and we have a whole staff dedicated to biometric fingerprint systems in Miami.

Biometric hand Scanner in Miami

biometric hand scanner is just like a fingerprint scanners, but it is more secure because it takes a picture of the whole hand, including all the fingers. So, if the prints of one of the fingers get scuffed off, then there is no problem because the scanner scans the whole hand. In addition, the scanner of the hand scanner is much bigger and is more secure because the is much surface area to cover more surface area means more prints to record, thus making it nearly impossible for the system to fail or someone to fool it and we also have dedicated staff only for the biometric hand scanners if you want to replace your scanner or wants a complete biometric scanner system to be installed from scratch give us a call. We will be on our way to help you.

Iris Scanner in Miami

Iris scanner is the most secure in all biometric scanner systems because it takes a very high-quality picture of the iris and compares it with the new one whenever someone is trying to access it. It is more difficult to fool Biometric Iris Scanner because maybe in some advanced burglaries, the thieves use a fake finger with your prints on it to pass the security, but that’s not the case with the iris scanners because they cannot make a copy of your eyes. It is more hygienic as well because you don’t have to touch it. As we are going through a pandemic right now, it makes more sense to use an iris scanner in hospitals and schools for the safety of the students and doctors.